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I am Dr. Murray Bartky, an experienced clinical psychologist with a proven track record in helping my patients improve the quality of their lives and relationships. My expertise includes counseling for individuals, children and married couples. I am able to address issues of depression, abuse, anger, fear and anxiety, and help those who suffer from these conditions heal and take a new lease on life.

I received further training at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of N.J. My personal and interactive approach to therapy with my clients leads to a solid partnership in working to meet emotional and psychological goals. This translates into better personal choices that benefit all aspects of my patients’ lives.

For many of my patients, therapy has led to stress relief, freedom from depression, improved intimacy and emotional issues, better response to conflict, professional success, increased confidence, and a better general outlook on love, work, and life.

Therapy is a practice based on an established study of understanding human thought processes. By engaging the patient in dialogue and discussion, the therapist is able to determine the root of personal issues, allowing those issues to be resolved. The key in successfully changing your life for the better and achieving your goals is awareness of the specific problems you need to work on. Counseling and therapy have the power to unlock this awareness.

If you are ready to embark on this journey of healing and personal discovery, visit my office in Livingston, NJ today. Make that appointment for your consultation and start your new life now.

Dr. Murray Bartky

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