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Some parents have a tough time trying to understand why their child oftentimes feels unhappy, exhibits a temper, or has difficulty in academics and in making friends. Unfortunately, there is only so much a parent can control and do for their children.

A child’s disposition and temperament are innate aspects that cannot be simply changed without addressing the specific underlying causes. For most cases, their behavior is their way of lashing out from the internal turmoil they’re feeling. Other times, their behavior can be triggered by stressful events at home and in school.

It is important to address these problems at an early age. Emotional and psychological issues in a child could manifest into bigger troubles as they enter into adulthood. Through child psychotherapy, I am able to help the child find a way to resolve these issues and get them back on track in terms of emotional growth and development. With regular counseling, the child will start to feel optimistic about life, forge friendships, and form a stronger bond with their parents.

In the child psychotherapy sessions that I offer, I am able to provide a safe and secure environment for the child to express feelings and emotions. One of the methods I use involves engaging the child in playing board games, arts and crafts, and other exercises. These activities can reveal important thought patterns of the child. Playing is imperative to a child’s therapy because he may express and manifest his thoughts and feelings into the game or artwork.

If you feel that your child needs counseling, do not think twice. Your child’s future may depend on the counseling I can provide today. If you’re in Livingston, NJ, schedule a child psychotherapy consultation for your child right away!

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