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Individual Counseling | Dr. Murray Bartky - Livingston, NJ

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

• Do your thoughts tend to be more negative than positive?
• Do you often feel sad or depressed?
• Do you always feel tense, anxious, or stressed over trivial things?
• Do you get irritable and angry for no significant reason?
• Do you feel trapped by your own life?
• Do you get in the way of achieving your own goals?

If you said yes to most of these questions, I can help you can make a 180-degree turn in your life right now by providing you with individual counseling. My experience in clinical therapy can help you address all your personal issues and concerns. I will assist you in exploring your unconscious thoughts and emotions, allowing you to find the peace that has evaded you for so long. Life is good, and through individual counseling you to enjoy it once again.

I have significant experience in addressing several psychological conditions. These include anxiety, panic disorders, post-traumatic syndrome, depression, social isolation, difficulties in forming long lasting friendships and romantic relationships, anger issues, eating disorders and poor body image.

These problems may have been triggered by emotional stress. Several issues that I have helped my patients resolve through individual counseling include traumatic childhood experiences, loss of loved ones, and cultural and socio-economic challenges.

Do not hesitate to seek help. Enough is enough when it comes to your suffering. If you’re currently residing in Livingston, NJ, pick up the phone and make an appointment today. Find peace and awareness, and always remember that your life is worth it. You are worth it.

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