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The only way two people can continue making a relationship work is through open communication and total understanding of one another. Oftentimes, couples tend to lose this after a significant amount of time together.

There are several indicators that your relationship is suffering. These include:

• Regular arguing with no resolution
• Difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions
• Decline in sex life
• Constant feeling of being misunderstood by your significant other

I specialize in providing marriage counseling for couples facing serious difficulties in their relationship. By creating a healthy environment for dialogue, the problem of blaming and pointing fingers at each other is diminished. Couples are able to engage in respectful and open communication, allowing them to get to the root cause of their marital difficulties.

During my marriage counseling sessions, both husband and wife are given ample time to express their frustrations and hopes for the relationship. Tracing individual family history also helps identify reasons behind certain actions and habits that have a direct effect on the relationship.

Once we’ve created an avenue to vent their emotions, couples are freed from the shackles of misunderstanding and disappointment. They are instead prepared and equipped with the patience and necessary tools to make the marriage work. I take pride and in being able to bring back the spark in a marriage, giving love a second chance.

Fight for your family, relationship, and love for one another. Remember why you married your partner and see your relationship in a brighter light. Visit my office in Livingston, NJ for a marriage counseling consultation today!

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